Thursday, May 10, 2007


After some thought, I decided to create an email address for this blog. You can find a link for it on the profile page.

I didn't include it originally because I wanted to encourage comments rather than one-on-one communication. However, I recognize that communicating only through comments can be awkward, in some cases. Hence, the new e-mail address.

That said, I hope people will understand if I can't give everyone individual restaurant advice or answer every question.

I do have this advice. If you have restaurant questions about Prague, the best place to go is the Prague discussion board at This is where I often refer people with questions I can't answer.

There are a number of volunteer "Local Experts" there, including myself, who help visitors with all kinds of questions about the city. In fact, I will tell you humbly and honestly that one "Local Expert," named PEB7, has a far more encyclopedic knowledge of Prague restaurants than I do. He just doesn't have a blog.

Another resource for people with questions is the Food & Drink discussion board on

Now, back to work.

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