Friday, August 10, 2007

Hergetova Cihelna - The Movie

Hergetova Cihelna is a restaurant with a number of interesting distinctions.

One is that it has the most expensive hamburger I've ever seen in Prague. That's what I dined on during a recent visit.

However, it is not the most expensive hamburger I've had in my life. That award goes to the DB Burger at DB Bistro Moderne in New York City. Of course, the Cihelna Burger did not have black truffle, foie gras, and shortribs.

But I digress.

Another distinction is that Hergetova Cihelna has its own Franz Kafka museum on the premises and a fountain created by one of the Czech Republic's leading contemporary artists.

But the most important distinction of all for this upscale eatery is its location and fantastic view of what is perhaps Prague's most famous landmark. I may not be a regular diner here myself, but it is a place I'd recommend to visitors.

For a better idea of what the place is all about, here is this Czech Please special report:


debolichesycopas said...

The language is not a problem

soy chileno y quiciera invitarlos a escribir un nota para mi blog

saludos a la distancia


Anonymous said...

If you're going to talk about czech restaurants and czech landmarks, what about putting a czech soundtrack to it? There's plenty of decent Czech hiphop out there if that's your thing...

Brewsta said...

A fair suggestion.

While I like some hiphop, it is not really my thing.

I do collect some Czech music, but not stuff that fit so well.

I came across the Sublime cut because I love Gershwin's "Summertime" and I was searching for different versions.

I almost used a rarely heard Zombies take on the same song.

Anonymous said...

I recently visited the City of Prague, also known as “the golden city of spires” on Vltava River. I found Prague very attractive, and the thousand-year history was visible particularly in the architecture. The touristy Old Town, the Prague Castle, the Little Quarter and the Jewish Town made a deep impression on me with beautiful medieval, gothic- and baroque-style churches and renaissance residential buildings, museums, cafes and theaters. One could wander through the meandering streets of Prague for days in a row and continuously discover hidden alleyways and unique views.