Monday, June 21, 2010

Czech Please on FaceBook

Czech Please on FaceBook is turning into a great place to talk about food and drink in Prague and the Czech Republic. There are lots of brief reviews, observations, and tips there that I don't have time to write a full post about.

The number of fans is getting big -- lots of people to bounce things around with. So tell your friends -- the more people the better. Feedback and comments are always welcome, here or there.

I also cross-post stuff from my Czech Please Twitter page.


The Lone Beader® said...

Cool, I am following you, and I am joining your facebook! :D

DoDa! said...

Brewsta, heading to Prague on 4/10. I'm looking to get into a restaurant kitchen to shot food for my blog: Do you think I could just walk in and ask or do you know someplace good that you could get me into a kitchen? I have found a restaurant in Paris but still looking for Prague and Budapest.

Brewsta said...

A couple of suggestions: Kogo at Slovansky dum is a big Mediterranean place with a big open kitchen. Hard to say if they'd say OK, but there's a lot of action there.

Or for something more modest, Little Whale in Mala Strana is a 7-table restaurant with a kitchen the size of a walk-in closet. The chef, Jason LeGear, is super friendly and probably wouldn't mind a few photos.

Peggy Hurd said...

I would like to see more restaurant reviews rate the family-friendliness of the restaurant. I realize not everyone hauls their kids along on a vacation but we do :-)

Anonymous said...

Peggy makes a good point regarding family friendlness. Obviously finding places that are overtly friendly to anyone here is getting easier and hopefully the "smoking section law" that just came in will help with the family factor.

Pizza Grosetto (at least the one at Dejvicka; not sure about the others) and Pizza Nuovo (upstairs next to Kotva) are two that sping to mind that have kiddie areas specifically and fairly decent food.

Buffalo Bill's on Vodickova always gives drawing paper and crayons to the tykes (and they eat for free!), though I haven't been there in ages. TGIF & Hard Rock Cafe also do the drawing stuff and have kid's menus, though you'll probably not want to head there on your holiday!

Just a few off the top of head, if a not very comprehensive list.

Brewsta said...

Check out this recent article. Also see the comments at the end.

PS - Buffalo Bill's closed a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit late to add a comment. I eat out a lot with my children every summer when in the Czech Republic. Regarding family friendly dining in the Czech Republic I have certain rules:

In Prague only go to American chain restaurants or restaurants that serve only traditional Czech food. Hooters is VERY family friendly. The Original Pilsner restaurant in Dejvice was full of families with kids last Saturday. Go straight to the back after entering.

Outside Prague NEVER go to a restaurant that doesn't display a Pilsner Urquell sign or umbrellas. It's the Good-housekeeping seal of approval. (You can bend this one if you're in a familiar place.)

Make sure your children know what they want within the first minute after you sit down. They should have a second choice in mind in case the server says "bohozel"

In small villages, restaurants often have a completely empty dining room adjacent to the crowded smoke-filled tap room. look for the door with the sign above it(jidelna) and just ask.

Try to order something off the chalkboard. It will be faster, easier and fresher.

Hope this helps.