Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Eating Our Way Across the USA

Before we left on our journey, I thought I would not blog much about our dining adventures. My impression has been that there is less interest in non-Czech related posts. I decided I would only do a post if there was something exceptional to write about.

We did find such a place in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. In the land of steaks and barbecue, we discovered a great seafood spot, Old Town Grill & Fish Market at 155 West Broadway. We had:

  • Baked clams. The clams under the lemon-buttered bread crumbs were plump and fresh.
  • Seared scallops on a bed of corn, bacon, and leek.
  • A special -- Grilled Caesar salad with blackened shrimp and scallops, that knocked our socks off. They actually grilled the romaine lettuce slightly. It was then topped with what the chef told me was a South American grain (it looked a little like barley), which was mixed with chopped mint, cilantro, pinenuts, and dressing. Wow.
In Atlanta, we went to a favorite restaurant, Houston's, next to Lenox Mall. We both got our favorite, the flame-grilled Hawaiian rib eye, marinated in teriyaki and pineapple juice. V got a side of grilled peppers, while I opted for the coleslaw. Normally, the steak comes with fries.

In Durham, North Carolina, I went to The Cheesecake Factory with my mother and had a very nice crabcake sandwich, though the bun was fluffy white nothingness. Mom had the Asian chicken salad. We had a starter of egg rolls filled with avocado and sun-dried tomatoes. It is a kitschy chain, (the dining room looked like an ancient Egyptian palace), but I've always like the food.

We ate many other great meals on this trip, but those listed above are the only ones I have pictures of.

In order to make this post a little more interesting, I decided to put together a little photo-video montage of our travels and meals across America.

Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano:


Unknown said...

That brief bit at the end - the Skywalk at Grand Canyon??

Unknown said...

No, wait, I looked again...sorry! Where is that?

Brewsta said...

That's looking the opposite direction from the lower falls in Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. We had a nice picnic lunch there.