Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guardian Unlimited

“I wanted to get angel wings tatooed on my back, as a guardian thing.”

-Kirsten Dunst

If you need a guardian thing, I have one to recommend.

Guardian Unlimited, the online version of The Guardian and The Observer newspapers, has published a post with the title "Blog by blog guide to ... roving gourmets."

A good read.

There are short descriptions of interesting foodie blogs that have posts on Paris, Tokyo, New York, and Jakarta.

Oh yeah... and the Czech Republic.


ernest said...

Its well diserved.

ernest said...

I finally get over my inner lazyness, slow typing and bad english to give some feed back on your amazing blog, maybe the only one from which I read all the articles.
I m Ernest, the French Erasmus med student who wrote you a comment some time ago. Too bad you had bad weather during your hollidays there, the summer has been rainy in mediterraneean standards...
I am in Prague for almost one month now and Ive eaten out quite a bit out, atlhough not so much lately due to the budget restictions, enjoyed most of it thanks to you mainly... So here is a quick chronologic report, whith the not so detailed entries, especially the first ones

Siam I Siam : you should give this place another try because the quality of execution and ingredients, freshness, authenticity is worth the not so expensive prenium you pay to be there. We had a soup with unknown ingredients, a cheap (around 50Kc) small salad, perfecly cooked jasmin rice and a very spicy pork dish which where all very good.

Orange Moon : better than expected except the non carbonized pepsi and cold, bland 30kc nans. Excellent Creamy, flavorfull Indian cury for the Lady and surprisingly good, delicate if a bit overcooked for my french palate trout with comfised lemon and lemongrass.

Kogo : I get your point, very good, amazing energy, open kitchen , every dish looked good. excelent splitted tuna carpaccio, and amazing, much bigger than it looks on pictures or in your plate Fisherman Risotto with lots of Fresh seafood although the rice was a little bit undercooked (little bit of crunchiness left). Will go back.

I have to recommend you a favorite of mine : its a small, friendly,nice, buzy Cocktail bar with good music and cheap prices (most of the coktails are arround 90kc). Orange bar in Hastalska, Prague 1. Tasted lots of them and would especially recommend the Frozen fruit Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan and Bloody mary. If you want to remenber Southern France, just order a Pastis (60kc I think) and be carefull when ordering a martini, be sure they understand you wnat the Cocktail...

More to come later, I cant belive how long it took me to type this...
Planning on going to the sushipoint buffet this sunday, you had a small comment which led me to think that it was nice, can you elaborate a lil bit ? Same question on the Radisson sunday brunch.

take care and keep on being smart and phun, ok ?


Kimberly said...

Congrats on the mention! I enjoy checking out your blog - makes me think of my time spent in the Czech Republic and adds to my list of places to check out the next time I'm there.

Brewsta said...

Thanks, Kim. Great report, Ernest.

I did like Siam i Siam when I was there a long time ago. I should try it again (Havel was there for his birthday a few years ago).

For some reason, when I'm in that area, I always end up at La Bodeguita. But it was too crazy there last time, with music and dancing in the small bar upstairs.

Orange Bar is a good tip -- I've stopped in at Tretters for cocktails a few times, but the drinks bill is always crazy high. And I do like Bloody Marys. I've run into that martini problem, myself.

It was a couple of years ago I did the SushiPoint. Not so cheap, but I did fill up on a lot of fish. Believe it or not, I had an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at an OK sushi place in Atlanta this summer -- for $9! So cheap, but ate so much I didn't feel great afterward.

Radisson is certainly our favorite -- and the most seafood oriented with shrimp, scallops, and lobster cooked to order (at least last year) and live jazz. But now costs 999 CZK per person. We won't be going as often. Not as pretty a room for brunch as the Intercontinetal Hotel's.

Pivní Filosof said...

Congratulations, mate!!!
Well deserved, I say. But don't let this go up to your head :) Keep on the good job.....
Na Zdraví!!!!!

Unknown said...

Fabulous getting mentioned in hallowed circles. When does the book come out...? ;)
David (Beerohbeer)