Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Czech Please on Washington Post and Slate

"The press is the best instrument for enlightening the mind of man, and improving him as a rational, moral and social being." Thomas Jefferson
That genius Jefferson forgot to mention that it is good for finding out about where to eat and drink.

Speaking of which, I was following the press this morning, The Washington Post to be specific, and I came upon this column by Anne Applebaum. It is about the expansion of Starbucks into Central Europe.

And where she mentions the move of the coffee empire into Prague, there is a link to my post on the subject. The article is also posted on Slate.

I'm not sure how Ms. Applebaum came to be a reader, but I'm glad to welcome hers here.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your Blog. Prague is one of my favorite cities and Starbucks happens to be one of my favorite brews. Having been to Prague several times in past years, possibly natives appreciate a good cup of coffee? Have you ever drank the typical Czech coffee made with powdered coffee over a bunsen burner? I have a dear friend who is a retired and distinguished Professor at Charles University, and who I correspond with regularly. The professor taught me all about Czech beer, which is delightful... however their coffee is terrible!

Brewsta said...

Thanks. I must confess I've never had powdered Czech coffee over a Bunsen burner.

Anonymous said...

Did you mean expansion of Starbuck into Central Europe, didn't you?

Brewsta said...

D'oh! I totally know better. I'll fix that!