Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frank Bruni Spills the Beans

"I love the beef blend and the flavor, but I was always bummed out by the ratio of beef-to-bun-to-condiments. But then I realized I was being the biggest bonehead in the world. Just get a double!" Frank Bruni

I was a fan of Frank Bruni's no-nonsense, witty restaurant reviews in The New York Times and was sorry to see him go.

But in the last month, I have greatly enjoyed his articles describing some of his secrets, favorites, and insights into the life of a critic.

I read with relish today this nice, long excerpt from his book that was republished in The Guardian. The book is called "Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater."

It's full of juicy, behind-the-scenes details. I loved this bit about dining at the Penthouse (Magazine) Executive Club:

Foxy," I began, then stopped myself, wondering if I was being too familiar. "Are you and I on a first-name basis, or should I address you as Ms Foxy?"

"You can call me Dr Foxy," she said.

"Is that an MD or a PhD?"

"Yes," she answered, as if that settled it.

I send my thanks to Richard for pointing out this great article in his comment on a post. That post also just happens to mentions my latest post -- Brewsta's Burgers on


Sim said...

and what about the cloud 9 article?
still on RSS but not on blog.
no way I'd go there anyway but still interested.

Brewsta said...

Sorry about that teaser. I published it by mistake. Will come out on next Weds -- part of my deal with them. On the blog a few days afte that.

Anonymous said...

Frank Bruni also made an appearance on Stephen Colbert's show. Here's the link in case you missed it.