Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Half & Half - Milkshakes

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they're like, It's better than yours
Damn right, it's better than yours
I can teach you, but I have to charge

-Kelis, "Milkshake"

I'll tell you where to get a better milkshake.

No charge.

I had a thirst for a chocolate one the other day. I think the best shakes in town are at TGI Friday's, but I hate going there. Everything is overpriced, and they don't make drinks to go. McDonald's "better shakes through chemistry" don't do it for me.

Then, I had an idea. I mentioned a few times I don't like the sandwiches at Half & Half.

But the better half of Half & Half is the right half of the store that sells ice cream and cakes.

The ice cream, or gelato as it were, looks pretty good. Their serving cups say "Cream & Dream," which many people say makes the best stuff in Prague.
I asked the woman behind the counter if the gelato was really from Cream & Dream.

"Yes," she grunted, without turning to face me.


I ordered a milkshake with the rich, dark chocolate gelato.

The shake braves a dark and stormy night on Wenceslas Square

A chocolate milkshake is not cheap, but it's cheaper than TGI Friday's. They charge 65 CZK for a .4 liter shake. For some perspective, they charge 45 CZK for a single serving cone of gelato, but you get less gelato than in the milkshake. I think they have a .3 liter shake for 55 CZK.

Half & Half sells the Armenian honey cake called "Marlenka," which comes in cocoa and honey style (which tastes more like caramel). They don't have the original king of honey cakes, "Medovnik." I think they are all pretty delicious. They've got a few other cakes and tarts and Greek-style pastries.

The shake was good. Very chocolaty. TGI Friday's shake is better only because they use more ice cream. Half & Half's uses more milk. It probably has to be that way, though, because the gelato is more intense than regular chocolate ice cream.

I expect this summer will be a warm one. Will I be back for more shakes?

As Kelis would say:

Damn right.Half & Half
Wenceslas Square 51
Prague 1
Tel. 222 240 696


Anonymous said...

Nice photo - looks like perfect milkshake weather.

Jita said...

As for the fruit milkshakes, for me nothing can beat the little "Lahůdky" shop near Kotva ( i think the street is called "Králodvorská"). They prepare the milkshakes from stewed fruit mixture(strawberry, raspberry, forest fruit), sugar and milk, but they also have the ice cream version. It´s really creamy, has a sweet fruit flavour and pieces of fruit the price is rather low - 0,4l for about 45,-Kč. Takeaway version available..