Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The New York Post

Well, we've really hit the big time. The New York Post travel blog posted a story yesterday called "THE PERFECT DAY: Prague."

Within that story, the travel editor, David Landsel, mentions the need to visit Cremeria Milano on Pařížská for some gelato, and the post includes a hot link to this very blog's post on the place.

Why not link to Cremeria Milano's website? Because Google searches for Cremeria Milano go directly to the Cream & Dream website, which is in Italian. And which is probably why the editor linked here instead. And now you know where Cremeria Milano gets their stuff.

Sure, I only see one reader referral to this blog from The New York Post website, so far. But maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of something big.

Now that I have the attention of News Corporation, The New York Post's parent company, who knows what is possible? Fox News coverage, a Harper Collins book contract, a 20th Century Fox movie deal? The sky is the limit (they own British Sky Broadcasting, too). Fame, at last.

Yesterday was a record-breaking day for traffic on this site, but I don't have to thank Rupert Murdoch for this yet. There were 188 unique visitors. Of that number, 81 were returning visitors, a big jump on that score. Readers are evenly divided between residents of the Czech Republic and the rest of the world.

Readers' countries are as wide-ranging as ever, though mostly concentrated in Europe and the United States. I'm always amazed when I see there are visitors from places like the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, the People's Republic of China, or even a masked IP address somewhere off the coast of Nigeria.

That last location intrigues me because it just so happens that I lent a fair sum of money to a person living near there.

If you are reading this, Mrs. Abacha, I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Anonymous said...

"If you are reading this, Mrs. Abacha, I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon"

LOL. Sure it's not Robert Mugabe using a proxy? He likes the finer things in life and perhaps he'll have plenty of spare time on his hands soon?

Congrats on NYP :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay Brewsta, enough resting on your laurels. Let's see some restaurants ...

I had an idea for a post -- possibly not for this blog, but maybe for Pan Faries at the PP. This is the intro: your cousin's best school chums are in town or friends of your parents are visiting or an old prof is making that long-awaited Prague trek (I've had all of these over the years). You -- as the Prague resident -- are the designated cruise director. You've spent the day crossing bridges, doing the Nerudova crawl up to the castle, poking your nose in and among those little streets in Mala Strana, and you wind up -- where else?? -- but in the middle of Old Town Square. It's getting toward meal time, and someone says "hey, let's grab a bite somewhere .. where's a great little place around here to get a fantastic meal?" Suddenly your mind goes totally blank. Suddenly all those years here learning the local mores evaporate ... You quickly scan all of the restaurants on the square, all of the restaurants around Celetna, Karlova, Male Namesti, and 5-10 minutes walk in any direction, and you realize that you have no idea if any of them are any good at all ...

So, this is the column -- where is a great place to eat on or near Old Town Square?? We've all been in this situation ... and I bet no one has a good answer (for the sake of argument, let's say Kolkovna doesn't count -- it's way too easy).

Brewsta said...

Good idea. An epic. I won't say it won't happen.


It is my hope that, for the most part, my life will dictate what is in the blog, rather than vice versa.

Pivní Filosof said...

The answer to your question, U Rudolfina. Just around the corner from Staromestska Metro st. I like the place a lot, and 32Kc for a really good pint of Plzen in that area is a treasure. The food is pretty good, too, and it can't get any more Czech than that. I've had my family over a couple of times and they loved it. On the down side, sometimes they serve turist groups, but it can't be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Max, Thanks for the suggestion. I used to live not far from there and occasionally would go in for a beer, but I've never considered it a food place. I will keep it in mind.

That raises another interesting future post ... Which of the "traditional" Czech pubs (that means no Olympia, no Kolkovna, no Potrefena Husa, and their ilk ...) actually have good food???

Pivní Filosof said...

Good question. I might have a couple.
Specially for lunch:
V Korunni, in Korunni (P2). One of the few places that still makes their own knedliky.
Plzensky Sklipek, in Eliasova (P6). They also make their onw knedliky. Plzen tankova, and very good from 28.5.
Lunch or dinner.
100m from it, on the same street, Pivnice Bruska.
Pivovar U Bulovky, in Bulovka (P8). They make their own beer, and a great one at that, plus really good cooking.
Pivovarsky Dum, in Jecna, also a brewpub, and the food is quite alright (I recommend the Myslivecka Rolada).
U Petnika, Lotysska (P). great cooking, always full, massive tatarak. Have starorpamen as desitka, though.
U Rokytky, in nám. Dr. Václava Holého (P8), near Palmovka metro, ok food, and my favorite beer, Svijany Kvasnicove, for amazing prices.
Which brings me to Svijansky Rityr, Jirečkova (P7, Letna). More a restaurant, actually, but with the feeling of a pub. Also serving Svijany.
A bit more fancy. Klasterny Senk, at the Brevnov Monastery. Lovely place, and great Klaster beer.
And, for now, last but not least. Pivovarsky Klub, which I mentioned in another post somewhere.
There are tonnes more that I can't remember now, every neighbourhood has it, and even in some villages like mine.
Hope more people come up with others.

Brewsta said...

Max, that is a serious list. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Max, give it up... You are not sophisticated enough to match the gentlemen here. They need to spent at least CTK 1000 for a dinner to consider it appropriate from the perspective of their alleged societal status.

Brewsta was surely giggling when responding politely to your list. You are hopeless if you think any Czech fod is edible. The establishments you list are for unsophisticated Czech prolets who know nothing about proper food. Czech food - fuj.

Brewsta said...

It's one thing to disagree about food. Personal attacks like "you are hopeless" just waste everyone's time. No one can take a comment like that seriously.

Why all the anger?

Anonymous said...

The correct Czech spelling of fuj, by the way, is fuuuj! Just my two cents ...

Pivní Filosof said...

Whoever you are, you are right. I am not sophisticated at all when it comes to food, and I'm bloody proud of that. I'm not pretentious, I just like tasty, filling stuff for a reasonable price. Besides, I can't afford 1000Kc on a meal, other than for a VERY special occasion, I'm not on a CEO of a global company wages exactly.
Anyway, whatever people say, I like those places a lot, and so do my friends and many more people I know, and if you don't, Anonymus, just as good, there are tonnes of places in Prague for people with your tastes.
PS: I would rather have a lovely roasted Czech Duck with zeli and knedliky, washed down with a nice lezak any day, than going to Sushi bar.

Brewsta said...

Even I break this rule sometimes, but trolls love it when you take them too seriously, Max. The whole goal is to get a rise out of you with a personal attack.

When I see a mindless attack like that, I just flick it away and feel sorry for the person. Maybe it would bother me if there was a little more intelligence behind it, but most of the "anonymous" attacks are so consistently childish and idiotic, they have to be coming from the same person.

Pivní Filosof said...

I think you are right. I shouldn't have bothered to answer that post. Just had a bit of time and did it, but didn't think much of it, I just take it from whom it comes.
Anyway, I like your blog, may not agree with you on some things, but that is the whole point of it, isnt it? Keep on doing it.

Anonymous said...

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