Monday, May 12, 2008

Letna Beer Garden - The Movie

The weather is gorgeous. That means it's beer garden season again.

Last year, I wrote posts about two of Prague's biggest venues -- Riegrovy Sady and Letenský zámeček, also known as Letna beer garden.

I've already made my first visits to both.

First, I'll give you a little food advice about this year's menu at Letna:

Stay away from the lamb kebabs. They have a nice grill, but the meat did not taste fresh. V ordered it, and neither of us wanted to finish it. If you are going to eat, pizza is usually the best bet.

Second, I'll give you another one of my low-budget beer garden video productions. This year, I did Letna. Last year, I put up a quick and dirty movie on Riegrovy Sady.

Just a couple of video caveats.

This newest one was shot quickly on my Nokia phone, so it's pretty shaky. There isn't a lot of variety as I didn't originally plan to use it for this purpose. Don't expect anything Spielberg-like.

Also, I put it together with an old-style new song about Prague by The Brewtles. Maybe the CzechTourism folks would be interested. The demo acoustic recording needs some work, but I couldn't hold up my post and wait around for a more polished version.

So, without further ado (or caveats)...


EB said...

I think Vysehrad is far and away the best beer garden for food, because there's that great Yugoslavian grill. Grilled aubergine, grilled peppers, cevapcici, stuffed mushrooms, little kebabs, loads of ajvar and that yogurty stuff to put on. We were there yesterday and they had this grilled salmon with celery, it was amazing.

Brewsta said...

V told me the same thing! I'm sorry to say I haven't been there, but she keeps saying she'll take me.

Anonymous said...

There is also a new addition this year further down toward the metronome. It is right by the kids play area so works really well for me. Has some burgers etc although all I have had so far was pivo. this was a burnt out building last year and surrounded by construction blockades so nice to see someone fixed it up.