Friday, March 30, 2007

Vítám všechny čtenáře blogu

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently discovered, an extensive restaurant blog written in Czech. There are lots of great photos for the non-Czech speakers out there. Czech Please, as far as I know right now, is still the only English-language food and drink blog in Prague.

Pan Cuketka (cuketka means little zucchini) has been gracious enough to mention this space on his blog. gets thousands of hits per week, and the link caused a big jump in visitors today.

I usually get around 150 per day. Wednesday was a record-breaker at 217. Thursday, that record was more than doubled. There were 444 visitors.

Tak, děkuji Vám za všechno, pane Cuketko.

As we say in English, the more the merrier.


Anonymous said...

you're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. :) Nice site, will keep coming.

[Site shown by Mr. Cuketka :o), thx]

Anonymous said...

Hi, another jumper from Mr.Cuketka site. Even though I live far away from Prague, it is great to know where to go in case we end up in there. I love thai food and I wish Tiger...would deliver here to Ostrava :-) I'll write to Ježíšek about that!

Anonymous said...


I like the attention your site is getting, but just thought I'd ask ... shouldn't it be:

Tak, děkuji Vám za všechno, pane Cuketko!

I mean this i-s the "Learn Czech" blog, isn't it?

Just teasing ....

Brewsta said...

Kava, of course, you're right. I fixed it (after demonstrating my poor Czech to about 100 visitors from

I'll never be perfect in Czech or even English and appreciate it any time someone points out something that needs correcting (especially those without sneering judgements and insults thrown in).